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What's Available in Cubic Zirconia?

About Cubic Zirconias

Originally used in the Russian space program as window material, Cubic Zirconia stones are cut from laboratory-grown crystals. We believe that Cubic Zirconias are not merely affordable diamond substitutes, but unique stones that are beautiful in their own right , with their own clarity, color, and brilliance. All settings for our CZ jewelry is pure, rhodium-plated sterling silver or gold vermeil. Our Cubic Zirconia jewelry is of the highest grade and clarity, making it an investment that will sparkle for a long, long time.

What Is Rhodium Plated Jewelry?

The reason to buy rhodium-plated jewelry is that it lasts and never tarnishes. Read on about this amazing metal.

Rhodium is a precious metal of the Platinum group with properties of wear and corrosion resistance that make it ideally suitable as a final finish for all types of jewelry whether real jewellery made from other precious metals such as gold or silver or fashion (costume) jewelry made from a variety of materials such as copper,brass,cast pewter or cast zinc.

Rhodium is a white bright metal as plated and has many advantages over other white metal finishes such as silver or tin in that it is very hard so as to provide good wearing ability, but also rhodium is almost impervious to attack by most naturally occurring chemical compounds and so the finish does not tarnish.

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